Praying for the Release of the Hostages

By Asher Intrater

Praying For the Release of the Hostages

Everyone in Israel is HEART-BROKEN over the plight of the hostages. The situation looks dire. It seems impossible. We need a supernatural intervention from God! WATCH this VIDEO as Asher reminds us that:

  • Abraham rescued Lot.
  • David rescued all the captives at Ziklag.
  • There are many promises in the Psalms and Prophets of captives being set free.
  • Peter was supernaturally released from jail in Acts 12.

Acts 12:5 says that the believers were praying INTENSELY for Peter’s release. We need to PRAY even HARDER for the hostages! We want them ALL to be returned—for their sake, for the comfort of their families—as a demonstration of God’s ability to set the captives free!

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