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Thank you for your interest in what the Holy Spirit is doing in Israel today and in the hearts of the Jewish people.

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How Can I Help Israel?

Melva Lea Beacham


Inevitably, whenever I minister about Israel and the Jewish people, someone will come to me after the service saying, “I support Israel.  I give to that rabbi I’ve seen on TV.”  Then they want to know what I think.


Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you.  :0)


All gifts given on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people are blessings.  But today, if we are going to work together to hasten the Lord’s return, our giving must be STRATEGIC.


The question you need to answer is, “Is my giving going to help a Jewish person come to faith in Jesus (Yeshua)?”


If this is what you long for, then you must look carefully at the FIELD you’re thinking about sowing into.  Is their goal to see Jewish people receive Yeshua?


When you give to a JEWISH humanitarian aid organization, know that after all the overhead of that organization, whatever remains of your gift will indeed benefit the poor in Israel.  But understand that the FIELD you just sowed your seed into does not value Jewish people coming to faith in Yeshua.  Quite the contrary.


When you give to a prominent CHRISTIAN ministry that encourages the US government to politically support Israel, there will indeed be a benefit to Israel from those endeavors. But know that your gift has gone to aid a political agenda—not a HARVEST agenda.


If you are interested in promoting the HARVEST in Israel, then sow directly into MESSIANIC Jewish ministries in ISRAEL who work selflessly day and night to ensure that their Jewish brothers and sisters come to know Yeshua as Messiah of Israel and Son of God.


One of the cardinal rules of missions is to raise up believers in a nation, and then empower them to reach their own people.  Who can better reach a Jew with the Gospel than a Jew who has had a life-changing revelation of Yeshua?


So since you asked. . . I wholeheartedly recommend Tikkun Ministries International.


Tikkun (Hebrew: restoration) is a Spirit-filled Messianic Jewish ministry based in Israel. Led by Dr. Daniel Juster, Eitan Shishkoff and Asher Intrater, Tikkun exemplifies the five-fold leadership gifts of Ephesians 4:11-13. Top priorities are introducing Israeli youth to Yeshua, equipping them to walk in the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and congregational planting in the context of a Jewish lifestyle.


Dan is one of the leading theologians of the Messianic movement worldwide.  God has used him to help establish the Messianic movement in doctrinal purity. Eitan has a huge pastor’s heart.  He loves sheep and oversees five congregations in Northern Israel.  Asher is the prophet of the group, spearheading a training center for young Messianic leaders.  He has also borne the brunt of hostile media directed toward the Messianic movement.


I personally know each of these leaders.  They are faithful, covenant men of integrity and fiscal responsibility.  They love God, their families, and God’s covenant people.  To learn more about the individual ministries of Tikkun, go to, and sign up to receive the free Israel’s Restoration Newsletter.


For me, Dan, Eitan, and Asher have put a face on the scripture, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem . . . for the sake of my brethren and companions . . .” (Psalm 122:6a, 8a)


The harvest is “white” in Israel.  There is such a curiosity to know about Yeshua.  More and more Jewish people are having dreams and visions of Him.  But everyday the nation lives under threat of war.


So don’t delay.  Jump the Pond, “put a face” on your prayers, and connect directly into the Land! Prayerfully and financially support the ministries of Tikkun Int’l.  They are some of God’s finest on the spiritual front lines of Israel!




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